Local Log Home Builders In Montana

September 30th, 2011

Many residents in Montana dream of log homes. They regard them as the best shelter within that area and also cheaper to construct. Another reason as to why residents prefer these log homes is that building materials are available and thus the cost of building will not be too high. Local home log builders in Montana are experts in the construction of these homes. Whoever wants a log home in Montana is not expected to go far searching for skilled personnel to do the job since all the professionals are found within the area. Most of these log homes in Montana are owned by retirees. Many people from the United States enjoy visiting Montana to see these beautiful homes.There are two categories of log homes in Montana: milled log homes and the handcrafted log homes. The log home builders charge around 170 per square foot to build the milled log home, while the handcrafted log home costs around 200 per square foot.It is true that building the handcrafted log home is expensive than building the milled log home in Montana. This is because the logs used in handcrafted log homes entails high shipping costs. These logs are larger than those used in milled log homes hence high cost in purchasing them.

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